English For School Kids

About the course


Always aim higher with more grammar and spoken to enhance the students that following national local school curriculum. I cover all the new words that might needed to be learnt on specific grade.

Students will gain the knowledge to build up their own grammatically correct meaningful sentences.

Exposure to newvocabulary is also a main key feature in the class.

Parents can gain a knowledge by observing the student’s progress sheet every week and get an overall idea how the student perform in the class.

Also, parents can call or meet Mr Naveen Premanayaka and discuss the status of their children.

Parents can check the in and out time of the children and 24-hour CCTV system is in place to keep the students safe and secure.

Following books will be coved according to the respective class and level of the student.

Essential English Grammar by Raymond Murphy,

Intermediate English Grammar by Raymond Murphy.

Essential English Grammar Supplementary Exercises by Helen Naylor,

Advanced English Grammar by Martin Hewings.

Business English

Grade 1 Saturday 8am to 10am

Grade 2 Saturday 8am to 10am

Grade 3 Saturday 10am to 12pm

Grade 4 Saturday 10am to 12pm

Grade 5 Friday 4pm to 6pm

Grade 6 Wednesday 6pm to 8pm

Grade 7 Monday 4pm to 6pm

Grade 8 Thursday 4pm to 6pm

Grade 9 Monday 6pm to 8pm

Grade 10 Saturday 4pm to 6pm

Grade 11 Saturday 2pm to 4pm